OpenSimulator Club

Grid Highlights 1

Some of the most beautiful places in our grids Open Neuland and Wilder Westen.

All regions are connected to the hypergrid and to be visited by the displyed links. Just copy the link to the map, click on search and press teleport afterwards. Off you go.

Open Neuland - Neuland
The central meeting place in Open Neuland. Meeting
every tuesday 19:30 GMT+1.

Open Neuland - Amphitum
A great stage with fantastic architecture.

Open Neuland - Schatzinsel
The pirate island with freebies of all kinds.

Open Neuland - art neuland
Art in virtual reality. neuland

Open Neuland - Gryner Hygel
The opera house of Open Neuland. Hygel

Open Neuland - Plassenburg
The oldest replica of the Kulmbach Plassenburg
in OpenSimulator.

Open Neuland - Eduversa
e-learning and online meetings.

Open Neuland - Magicland
Amusement park with fun fair, beer tent and bar.

Open Neuland - summit
Offices in a beautiful location.

Open Neuland - Fantasy Visions
Shop until the doctor comes. Visions

Open Neuland - Industry One
Steam Punk, industrial facilities and more. One

Open Neuland - Bellatopia
A quiet island in the sea.

Open Neuland - Tabula Rasa
Jungles, exotic animals and mysterious temples. Rasa

Open Neuland - Magrathea Nord
Mediterranean area with luxury buildings. Nord

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