OpenSimulator Club

Grid Highlights 2

Some of the most beautiful places in our grids Open Neuland and Wilder Westen.

All regions are connected to the hypergrid and to be visited by the displyed links. Just copy the link to the map, click on search and press teleport afterwards. Off you go.

Wilder Westen - Wild Shopping
The wild west town Buffalo Rocks. Meeting
every thursday 19:30 GMT+1. Shopping

Wilder Westen - Wild Living
Home of the Buffalo Rocks railway corporation. Living

Wilder Westen - Monument Valley 1
Cozy ruin to rest. Valley 1

Wilder Westen - Monument Valley 2
Wide open spaces. Valley 2

Wilder Westen - Monument Valley 3
Here lies a gold mine. Valley 3

Wilder Westen - Monument Valley 4
Our small farm. Valley 4

Wilder Westen - Redwood Mountains
Pale faces in the logging camp. Mountains

Wilder Westen - Red Mountains
A pueblo of redskins. Mountains

Wilder Westen - Cybavaria
The cybavarian kingdom.

Wilder Westen - Felagund
The home of the elves.

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