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TalentRaspel is a small but powerful "virtual company" with very little overhead but a lot of know-how and brilliant people. Since several years we participate in the conquest of virtual worlds and rank among the pioneers of the 3D Internet. On these pages you are invited to register to our grids, to order sims, grids and parcels, to catch up on OpenSim and to read the latest news from the grids.

Here you can choose your avatar and register for the free access to both our worlds Open Neuland and Wilder Westen as well as to the Hypergrid. Our showcase grids "Wilder Westen" and "Open Neuland" demonstrate to our clients what can be achieved. Anyway both are open for external settlers and their projects.

TalentRaspel virtual worlds Ltd. is offering you a modern, dependable and economically priced hosting of virtual worlds - from Europe for Europe. Our services are based on our own, self-managed Private Cloud which we use to rent complete grids, sims (islands, regions) and separate parcels.

Here you'll find basic information about our virtual worlds: what is the HyperGrid? How do we protect your data? Why do we offer so many prims on our regions? Which exclusive modules can enhance your grid, your sim or your parcel?

The Grid Gazette is offering latest news and views from the virtual worlds - following the perception that it does not hurt to know something about a topic before you start discussing it. The Grid Gazette is published by Case Schnabel, an old hand in online journalism in Germany.

And finally - the mystery of that strange company name has been lost in the dark pubs and breweries of the Dusseldorf Old Town...

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