Everything you always wanted to know about our offers but were afraid to ask:

Grid Neuland is the name for the systems operated by TalentRaspel vitual worlds Ltd. and at the same time the home of the grids "Open Neuland" and Wilder Westen".

The TalentRaspel VR-Toolkit provides a portable full-blown virtual world on an USB stick that runs easily and without installation on any compatible computer with the operating systems Windows (TM) or Mac OS X (TM).

Those who want to move along with their sims from SL to OpenSim note that with the usual tools such as Stored Inventory a move of this magnitude can not be met in practice. Therefore TalentRaspel has developed a largely automated process that can do the move in 1-2 days.
One of the most interesting technologies in OpenSimulator, and it's cornerstone: the HyperGrid protocol connects all those many separate OpenSim worlds. A universe full of interconnected grids and standalone systems unfolds...
Probably one of the largest advantages of OpenSim over Second Life is the possibility to backup all self-created content, the avatar's inventory or complete sims and worlds so that none of your precious works can get lost any more.
We do not charge our products by the number of prims, but by server RAM used ("cargo"): our sims with 1 or 3 GB RAM can - depending on the user's building technique - carry 15-30.000 prims and 45-90.000 prims, respectively.
TalentRaspel virtual worlds Ltd. develops region modules as exclusive extension of the OpenSim functionality: e.g. animation modules, "home and garden" modules, traffic modules or Anti-Griefer modules.
All technical features we offer at a glance: how much processing power gets a region? How much RAM gets the region server? In which of our products do we offer the currency system OMC?

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