OpenSimulator Club

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From "Great Hype" 2006/2007 to date TV and the press keep reporting back on our activies:

3sat "Neues" - 02.07

From the Press Club (Video)

Life 4-U - SL-TV 03.08

Cybavaria-Opening (Video)

Deutschlandfunk 08.09

Is there life in SL? (Audio) 12.08

LifeArt Gallery (Article)

Telepolis 04.08

Steampunk-Kini (Article)

Handelsblatt 01.08

After the hype (Article)

Telepolis 07.09

Das Grid-O-Scope (Article)

Handelsblatt - 01.07

Apple in SL (Excerpt) 01.09

At World's End (Article)

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