•  up to 30.000 prims (up to your design) 
  •  1 GB RAM, 1 dedicated processor core
  •  free setup
  •  free uploads
  •  elaborated backup routines
    •  full terraforming, all parcel permissions
    •  Voice chat
    •  Open Metaverse Currency system OMC
    •  Hosted in Europe
    •  High performance with Private Cloud
  •  in our grid "Wilder Westen" (open grid connected to the Hypergrid)
  •  in our grid "Open Neuland" (secured grid behind a firewall)
  •  in the OSGrid or any other gird that allows for external regions

  • How much?

    30,-- Euro per month incl. VAT, no setup fee, no minimum contract duration
    Takeover of a mansion (copy, modify, no transfer) 10,-- Euro incl. VAT one-off.
    Prepayment by bank transfer or PayPal (PayPal 1,50 Euro charge)


    Art class of the Grotefend Gymnasiums Hann. Münden, national winner of the 40. International Youth Contest "jugend creativ"

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